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Nov 13, 2019

Sometimes midlife calls for a career change and today we're showcasing a friend of ours who did just that! Kate's story is one of faith and perseverance as she pursued more education and the job of her dreams. 

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Boundaries Updated and Expanded Edition: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control...

Nov 6, 2019

This week we're continuing our once a month happiness series based on Gretchen Rubin's book, Happier at Home. During the month of October, we worked on increasing the happiness of our marriages. Find out what we wanted to change and how it all turned out! 

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Oct 30, 2019

We're celebrating our first birthday! We can't wait to share how Midlife Matters got started, how it's produced, how we've grown, and what's planned for the future. We also have a fun birthday gift planned for you, so be sure and listen for that! 

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Teenage Survival Guide...

Oct 23, 2019

Today we're talking about forgiveness. Why is it so hard? How do we do it? Is there a time limit? Is anything unforgivable? This is a deep topic that everyone wrestles with from time to time. We hope this discussion helps us all to grow in this area!

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Oct 16, 2019

October is breast cancer awareness month and Dr. John King is joining us to talk about mammograms. He'll explain why we need them, the difference between 2D and 3D screening, and why they need to squeeze us so hard! He'll also address some of the common myths around mammograms and alleviate our fears. This is a great...