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Aug 5, 2020

Today we're talking about giving and receiving help. We all need it, but how easy is it for us to ask for it? Do we accept help from others? What kind of help do we offer? Join us as we share the ways we've been helped when we've needed it most and how we can help others in return! 

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This Too Shall...

Jul 29, 2020

Today we're talking about pornography and the ways it damages and destroys relationships. We're joined by a friend who shares how her husband's addiction to porn impacted her, her family, and ultimately ended their marriage. Join us as we discuss ways we can support and help women dealing with this issue and how we can...

Jul 22, 2020

Today we're talking about some ways friends and family have influenced us in big and small ways. We're sharing things that have shifted our thinking, inspired us to change, or just stuck in our heads for years!  

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On Becoming Babywise

I'm a fan recommendations

Hamilton on Disney Plus

Gospel in...

Jul 15, 2020

Do you ever feel like your cell phone has taken over your life? This week we're talking about digital minimalism, unplugging from social media, and reducing the time we spend in front of screens. Join us as we discuss what we do and don't want to do to have a more focused life in a noisy world. 

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Jul 8, 2020

Today we're talking about the silver linings of this pandemic summer for us and our listeners. Join us as we discuss what's different, what we're appreciating, and what it will take for us to declare this summer a success. We also look forward to sharing listener messages and voicemails on what new things...